Factory Introduction

Founded in 2016

Seiko concept

Modern factories

Oulai was found in 2016 in Guangdong, China. It is a modern high-tech enterprise which is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high-ended custom art sauna rooms. uniconfort adheres to the philosophy of fine workmanship and is committed to produce saunas with novel design and high quality. Our modern factory is equipped with high-precision automation machine which has greatly improved the production efficiency. uniconfort has a group of excellent designers who can give the most reasonable proposal according to customer needs that win a lot of praises from customers. It also has the most professional quality control team, 6 channels detection for the production line and 17 standards for products, the persuit of providing user every sauna is perfect
Our  factory  is  equipped  with 3  modern  production lines, more than 50
automation equipments,over 30 testing equipments,3 sets of professional
central dust   removal  systems, which  can  realize the  annual  production
capacity  of 30,000 units.The second production base is under construction
and the  third  production  base is under planning. We  expect to reach the
production capacity of 80,000 units per year.


production base of square-meter


professional intelligent devices


production line


Annual production

Infrared Technology and Advantage

Drawing on European advanced infrared heating technology and combining with the actual needs of Chinese market, uniconfort has achieved significant breakthroughs in the application of far-infrared technology and obtained a number of national patents through independent research and development, forming an infrared technology system consists of a set of far, medium and near all-wave, low-magnetic radiation, micro-crystalline.
Our Core Technology

Patent technology

uniconfort focuses on independent research and development.
We develope an efficient Mica heating plate with the feature
of low EMF and high-infrared ray,and thereby we obtain the national patents.

Industrial IC Chip

In terms of the safe use of electrical appliances,
the sauna main power supply adopts industrial grade IC chip.

Zero-Fire Line Double-Break

The relay adopts zero-fire double-break
protection which meets international standards
for the higher standard of safety.It is certified by CE and ETL.

Raw Materials Selection

The wood used in our sauna is imported from Canada, it is over 100 years old with high quality.

Canadian cedar

Canadian Cedar is the highest grade of preservative wood in North America. Usually the color of cedar is reddish brown. Cedar has the feature of high natural durability, excellent stability, long lifetime and is not easily deformed. In addition, it is also suitable for high humidity environment, and it can prevent cockroaches and mites. Cedar is popular in the global market due to its lack of chemical treatment and natural property.

Canadian Hemlock

Hemlock has high strength and hardness, and is light in color, which is easy to carry out anti-corrosion and pressure treatment. With straight and fine texture, it is easy for cutting and forming. Also there would not be any cracks for its high bending and shear resistance, which makes it perfect combination of strength and appearance. It is easy for a variety of surface coatings, its natural color and a number of properties make it the prior choice for high-end furniture.

Wood drying

The imported wood is dried through the combination of high frequency drying and microwave drying. The drying would take 7-15 days. This process keeps the balance of water inside and outside the wood, ensuring it has the better processing performance and be less prone to cracking.

High Precision
Automation Equipment

The production efficiency and product quality is greatly improved by using high-precision automated multi-blade saws and advanced CNC automatic engraving machine;

Comprehensive Inspection
High Standards

We have excellent and complete quality control team. It has been expected to monitor the entire production process from material selection to packaging. All the electrical materials must pass the high temperature destructive test. The hardware must pass the vibration test and meet the standard of salt spray level 8. To ensure that the quality of each product to the user is constant, we set 6 channels detection for the production line and 17 standards for products

our partner

With reliable quality and competitive price,we are a major vendor of Costco,Home Depot and other retailers of US&Canada.